It’s that time of the year again. What better way to celebrate than with Cas and cats?

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"i will save my brother or die trying," well, statistically speaking-

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hurrayyyy finally more teacher au~ i haven’t drawn a comic in a long long time so i’m trying to get back in the hang of it, so sorry if anything in this seems awkward, like the pacing of the comic ahhhh so yeah there isn’t any plot in this just the boys doing their thing

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Captain America: The First Avenger + Military Uniforms

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This looks like a gender bender

I fully approve of this gender bend

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I’m not sure if i’ll ever upload the rest so here is our precious bb(aka castiel) as a firebender

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Hello Everyone,

My dear friend Laurin is a survivor of sex trafficking. She was trafficked in San Diego for 20 years and managed to escape, but now she unfortunately is homeless and living in poverty. Laurin was also branded by her traffickers with a ‘619’ (as the picture shows) to show that she was “property” of pimps in San Diego.

Laurin has survived so much, and she has managed to escape her traffickers. While Laurin has proven to be super woman, she still was branded by her traffickers and she now has to look at this tattoo every day of her life to remind her of where she once was. She was sex trafficked and branded by her traffickers. and though she managed to escape her traffickers, she cannot escape the fact they branded her.

I’m going to ask for help: if you know of any tattoo artists, or you are a tattoo artist, in OGDEN, UT; PROVO, UT; or SALT LAKE CITY, UT that would be willing to cover up the tattoo for Laurin at no cost to her, please e-mail me at GEGELE676@GMAIL.COM

This would mean the world to Laurin, she deserves to be fully liberated from her traffickers and covering up the tattoo they branded her with is a step towards Laurin’s liberation from them. Please help if you can!

Laurin on the tattoo she’s been branded with:

You know how folks will ask you, ‘so. Your a year older, feel any different? ‘

The answer is usually no, it’s just another day. 
But yet, today is somehow different. 
I feel different. 
Maybe I’m completely done and detoxed from the life. 
Maybe I want to set a better example to those whom I help. 
Not sure. 
Only, today was different. I had a visceral reaction to something that I used to be proud of. 
Today I got of the shower and all I could focus on was the red, glaring and branding tattoo the reads a red 619.
My pimp got it for me, for my birthday. 
I loved it for so long. It made me his. I was so enthralled with him, I felt honored that somebody loved me enough to mark me with their ID. 
It became a part of me. I was easily identified in magazines and film. I Would refuse to cover it up. 
Men that would pay for my time would always say something, ’ are you the original? ’ ” Oh let me see that sexy 619’
Yes, that’s the area code for San Diego.
I’m all about Daygo.
But that’s not what it means. 
Today, as I look at my right breast, I see nothing but the horror. 
The nightmare that was my life. The pimp who tried to kill me. The rapes, the humiliation, the stolen chance of being a mother….
Today a saddness, a new humiliation of being owned, of a life stolen is represented in the ink that is attached to my breast.
Today I do not like it. 
Today I do not feel sexy, or loved or any of those old feelings I used to have when I looked at my chest. 
Today I am a little more grown up than yesterday. 
And today, yesterday is a little tougher to swallow.”


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"are you looking for me?"

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